Heat Transfer Revolution: Elevate Your Designs with Printed Vinyl

Heat Transfer Revolution: Elevate Your Designs with Printed Vinyl

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Choosing the Right Fabric for Printed HTV

Choosing the right fabric is crucial for a successful printed heat transfer vinyl (HTV) project. Here’s a guide to help you select the most suitable fabrics and avoid ones that may not work well with HTV:

Suitable Fabrics for Heat Transfer Vinyl:

1. Cotton and Cotton Blends:
– Cotton is one of the best fabrics for HTV as it provides a smooth surface for the vinyl to adhere to.
– Cotton blends, which combine cotton with other fibers like polyester, can also work well.

2. Polyester:
– Polyester is another excellent option. It’s smooth, durable, and holds the adhesive well.

3. Jersey and Knit Fabrics:
– These fabrics are typically smooth and stretchy, making them great for HTV application.

4. Lycra/Spandex:
– These stretchy fabrics can be used, but be cautious as excessive stretching can cause the vinyl to crack or peel.

5. Canvas:
– Sturdy canvas materials, often used for tote bags, also work well with HTV.

6. Denim:
– Denim is a robust fabric that provides a good surface for HTV.

7. Fleece:
– Fleece materials are typically made of polyester, which is HTV-friendly.

8. Leather and Faux Leather:
– With proper preparation, leather and faux leather can be used for unique HTV projects.

Fabrics to Avoid:

1. Nylon:
– While nylon is a popular fabric, it’s not ideal for HTV. The high heat required for application can damage the fabric.

2. Rayon:
– Rayon can be sensitive to heat, which may cause it to shrink or become misshapen during the application process.

3. Silk:
– Silk is a delicate fabric that doesn’t handle heat well, making it unsuitable for HTV.

4. Acrylic:
– Acrylic fabrics can melt or warp under the heat needed for HTV application.

5. Wool:
– Wool is sensitive to high heat and can be damaged during the application process.

6. Vinyl-Coated Fabrics:
– These fabrics have a protective vinyl layer that can prevent the HTV from adhering properly.

7. Mesh or Open Weave Fabrics:
– The gaps in these fabrics can make it difficult for the HTV to adhere properly.

8. Waterproof or Teflon-Coated Fabrics:
– The coatings on these fabrics can repel the adhesive, preventing proper bonding.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to test a small piece of fabric before committing to a larger project. This way, you can ensure that the fabric is compatible with your chosen HTV and application process.

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Heat Transfer Vinyl FAQ

The heat transfer vinyl uses environmental friendly material, with different styles, such as: PU, PVC, Glitter, Flock, Chrome Metallic, Laser, Hologram, Reflective, Photoluminescent, Rainbow Flash.

1. Applies at lower temperatures
2. Peels HOT or COLD
3. Weed small letters and detailed designs without losing pieces
4. Mounted on a pressure sensitive carrier
5. Extremely durable, wash after wash
6. Applied results light and flexible
7. Thinner than other films
8. Excellent for multi-color jobs
9. CPSIA Certified

1.Make your design on cutting files.
2.Cut the film in reverse at medium pressure
3.Place the material on the garment
4.Setting the heating temperature at 150-180℃, and transfer time for 20 secs.
5.Start heating and transfering.
6.Remove polyester backing film after cooling.

The heat transfer vinyl has 50 times approved of color fastness.

Adheres to:
1. 100% polyester
2. 100% cotton
3. Poly/cotton blends
4. Leather

The price for heat tranfer  is based on the vinyl types, for our heat transfer vinyl items, the size 0.5x25M, the price is from US40-US100 per roll.

Please contact us to get detaile offers.

The normal size: 0.5x25M/20″x82FT, the other sizes can be customized.

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